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TMJ & Bruxism Therapy


If you’re suffering from TMJ dysfunction and/or bruxism, you may be able to receive the same treatment to renew oral health and function and relieve pain caused by both oral health concerns. At Distinctive Dentistry, our team provides a wide range of preventive and restorative dentistry services to keep patients’ smiles whole and healthy. Patients who suffer from TMJ dysfunction or bruxism may have difficulty performing even the most basic daily functions, and it’s important that they reach out to our team right away. The sooner we begin our personalized treatment plan to renew your oral health, the better. Call us to find out more or schedule an appointment with us in our Dallas dental office.

What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jaw to the skull bone, allowing the mouth to open and close. When these small joints are strained by overuse or damaged by traumatic facial injury, patients can experience discomfort when speaking, chewing, or smiling. Simple daily tasks suddenly become painful or impossible when patients suffer from TMJ dysfunction. It’s important to seek treatment for this dysfunction. Left untreated, TMJ dysfunction will typically worsen overtime.

What is Bruxism?

Brusxism is chronic grinding and clenching of the teeth. Most patients experience this issue while sleeping, and many others only experience bruxism as a response to stress. Some patients experience chronic bruxism while awake and asleep. Much research has been done to determine the underlying causes of bruxism, but they seem to vary between patients. Many patients who have severe, chronic bruxism do not match any of the characteristics typical of patients who experience chronic teeth grinding and clenching. Regardless of the underlying cause of the disorder, patients can receive simple, effective treatment using mouthguards. It’s important to seek treatment for bruxism because the constant grinding and clenching can lead to advanced dental wear, tooth sensitivity, chips, cracks, or breaks in teeth, and strained TMJ.

Nightguards for TMJ & Bruxism

Mouthguards can actually be used to treat both TMJ dysfunction and bruxism. Often called nightguards, comfortable oral appliances are an easy solution for both TMJ dysfunction and bruxism. Nightguards for bruxism sufferers are simple, thin guards designed to place a barrier between the two rows of teeth. Guards for TMJ dysfunction actually reposition the jaw in its ideal resting place. This relieves unnecessary strain on the jaw joints and stops unconscious movements. Additionally, with regular wear, the bite will begin to rest naturally in the more comfortable position further diminishing jaw pain.

Other TMJ Treatments

In addition to a custom crafted nightguard, we may recommend a variety of other treatments to relieve jaw pain and renew comfortable oral function for TMJ dysfunction sufferers. Some of the other TMJ therapies available from the Dallas dentist and team at Distinctive Dentistry include:

TMJ Treatment FAQs

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TMJ therapy can stop your jaw pain and improve your quality of life. However, it's normal to have a few concerns about the road ahead. Your dentist at Distinctive Dentistry will explain exactly what you can expect with TMJ treatment in Dallas. While you wait for your consultation, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is TMJ Treatment Expensive?

There's no flat fee for TMJ treatment because many factors affect the cost. Every situation differs, so every treatment plan is unique. After examining your mouth and oral structures, your dentist will determine an effective strategy to improve your jaw functions. A member of our team will review a personalized estimate and discuss your payment options to keep TMJ therapy within your budget, like a monthly payment plan using a third-party financing company, such as CareCredit. You can also use your insurance to offset the cost. If you don't have insurance, don't worry. You can join our in-house membership savings plan to benefit from discounted services when seeing your dentist in Dallas. You can treat your jaw pain without it costing you an arm or a leg.

Can TMJ Be Treated Without Surgery?

We strive to take a conservative approach when treating TMJ disorders. There are many non-surgical solutions to treat the issue, like stress-relieving exercises, an oral appliance, or braces. Surgery is only needed in rare situations, such as if there's a defect in the joint itself.

Can TMJ Be Cured Permanently?

Some patients only experience occasional TMJ flares. Learning to identify triggers can help reduce the occurrence for long-lasting relief. Depending on the cause of the disorder and the treatment used, TMD can be resolved for good, like after fixing a misaligned bite. With the right treatment and changes at home, a TMJ disorder can be well managed or resolved for good.

Can TMJ Be Fixed with Braces?

An unbalanced bite can cause a TMJ disorder. If there's uneven pressure distribution between the top and bottom teeth, it can strain the jaw. If the jaw rests in an unnatural position, it can cause recurring pain or mobility issues. Braces can be a great solution to fix TMJ disorders caused by a poor bite. Your teeth are moved into new positions to ensure harmony between the upper and lower arches. It will take pressure off your joints to improve your oral function.

How Long Does TMJ Therapy Take?

Every situation differs, especially with the type of treatment used. Most patients see an improvement after just a few weeks, but it can take several months for you to finish your treatment. Your symptoms will gradually improve as more time passes. Your dentist will explain how long you can expect your treatment to take and what you can do to ensure there aren't any delays, like wearing your oral appliance nightly or eating soft foods.

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