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Your Cigna Dentist in Dallas, GA

You should never have to worry about being able to afford the high quality dental care that your family need. However, we recognize that the costs of paying for various treatments can amount to quite a bit of money. To help our patients enjoy healthy smiles at a reasonable price, we are in-network with several major dental insurance companies. We’re also proud to be your Cigna dentist in Dallas; we accept their dental discount plan, which is slightly different from traditional dental insurance.

How Cigna Dental Discount Plans Work

Cigna has two main types of plans that it offers to its clients: traditional dental insurance as well as dental savings plans. The insurance requires a monthly premium and comes with many of the same aspects as insurance policies that you would get from other companies, including a deductible, a yearly maximum, and more. The biggest advantage to such insurance is that it may completely cover the cost of some types of treatment.

Rather than being in-network with Cigna’s typical insurance plans, we are in-network with their dental discount plans. Here are the basics of how such plans work:

How We Help You Get the Most Out of Your Dental Discount Plan

As your Cigna dentist near Hiram, we want to help you get the most out of your dental discount plan. When you schedule your appointment, simply let us know which discount plan you have so we can be sure to charge you correctly for the services we render. When you pay for your treatment, you won’t have to worry about filing any claim forms since they’re not a part of Cigna’s dental savings plans.

To minimize your financial obligation and maximize your oral health, we suggest that you:

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your dental benefits, please don’t hesitate to talk to us! We’re experts at sifting through the fine print of various policies, and we’d be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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